Thursday, December 3, 2009

turkey day 2009

This Thanksgiving was so fun! I haven't had one with both my sisters since I was a sophmore in High School! Plus it was Zealand's very first. Summer and Sefo live in Barstow, CA so they were able to just drive up, and they even surprised us all by bringing their 3 girls. We went to the annual Turkey Bowl soccer game Thanksgiving morning and enjoyed the evening with all our Edwards family at my Uncle Bobby's and Mayloni's. It was great food and even better company :) We did Black Friday shopping but not for anything special. We had a great time being able to really enjoy our family. Me and Joe love spending as much time as possible with everyone especially for the holidays. We love you all!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

camping at mammoth pools

The annual Edwards camping trip to Mammoth this year was the last weekend in July. It was the first year that Joe had ever been and the first camping trip for Zealand. Mammoth was beautiful and the weather was perfect! There's always lots of spots to jump off into the water and I was surprised how willing Joe was to do all the jumps. We got to spend all Saturday up there and then headed back home Sunday afternoon. It was so relaxing and I was so happy Joe fell in love with it. For all those who haven't ever even heard of Mammoth pools here's some pictures to kind of see how gorgeous it is up there. Can't wait till next year!

Monday, July 27, 2009

going going back back to Cali

SO.... the weekend down in LA was fantastic! We had a great time down in Redondo Beach and Torrance. We got to visit with lots of family and meet some of the families old friends from church and what not. We got there Friday early morning and hit IHOP in Hollywood at like 4:30 :) and then went straight to the beach (Avenue E to be exact). Saw Mayloni, Carrie and the girls. Went to San Pedro for Dinner, I guess that's become tradition. On our way home from Port O'Call we stopped by a park in the Harbor and were surprised by a fountain water show in the cutest park. That was so fun! Saturday we went to the church for the Reunion bfast and met some Carson/Torrance old timers :D that was fun to see ppl our parents love. Joe even recognized some old family friends. We got to see Jon and Aubree's baby girl H'alia, she's 8 months old and is smaller than Z at 3 months!!! We've got a big boy on our hands! Then more beach, La Bonitas for lunch, and then beach, then Bob's Big Boys with Mayloni and Carrie's group. We got to meet up with my dad's cousin Ala and Valerie and visit for a while in Torrance. We got too much sun but altogether a great little trip!!! I love a good road trip! Zealand got a little sun and his feet wet at Redondo :) Can't wait for our next trip down south!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

California Living

So yesterday was a great but normal tuesday. My mom came down as she usually does and when Joe got off work we headed to Santa Cruz for the beach! It was so nice then it turned so cold so quickly. Either way, mom got Z in the water and he enjoys it no matter how cold the water is. Santa Cruz is such a cool "beach town" and it's a short drive and so worth it. As long as I can lay out on a blanket and have my feet in the sand and ocean at least once a week I'm good. It's great to live where we live. How lucky are Californians?!! yep, we're lucky

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

looks like he's a screamer

Today was a pretty average day with me and Z at home alone till Joe gets off work at 5. This video is of Z and Joe just after he got home from work. We've been wondering who Z's gonna remind us of out of the two of us, and from the screaming throughout this video, it looks like he's gonna be a screamer like his mamma =) my mom and sisters would agree that all I did for the first few years were scream/screech!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our weekend was great! Friday we were planning on helping Beth move but ended up not helping and just going and staying the night in Sausalito then going to an Oakland A's game on Saturday, thanks to Lyndi/Adam! It was a day game and suprisingly pretty hot in the bay. Joe caught a foul ball, which pretty much highlighted the game for us since the A's lost. After the game was over we headed into the city (San Francisco). Right before we were going through the toll we noticed the couple behind us were fighting. We saw the boyfriend punching his gf in the face and Joe ended up getting out of the car and holding up traffic :) that was interesting. He ended up getting the guy out of the car and the cars next to us called 911. After that drama we went to fisherman's wharf with beth for dinner and some walking around. We of course stopped near the San Fran airport for joe to look at the planes coming in and leaving on the way home. It was pretty fun and Z was happy as can be, along for the ride!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009